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Step away from the book

23 Mar

I love to read……..No I become obsessed by reading. I love a good book that blows away the imagination. I recently read “The Night Circus” by Erin Morgentstern. I am amazed by the images and characters she created with her words. 


Then, I followed with “Outlander”. It was recommended by a friend of mine and it is on the NY Times best sellers list. But I really didn’t love it. It bored me at times – woman steps between rocks and goes back 200 years and falls in love. I know lots must love it – but it really wasn’t my thing.  Maybe I just have no desire to leave in the 1700’s – no plumbing no internet……

So tell me why I couldn’t stop reading the book? Why not close it (or in my case turn off my Kindle) and walk away from the book? There has only been about one book I didn’t finish.  I hold out hope it will get better – I will like the plot or the characters better if I just keep reading. Not only did that not happen for me……..I discovered it is a series and keeps going ! I refuse!!  “Hunger Games”? couldn’t put down  and was happy there was another. “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” couldn’t wait to hit the next book. 

The problem with an empty nest is I do have time to read and no one to distract me from the book. There is no one to save me from myself. What is wrong with closing a book and not finishing ? Why can I not do that? 

I have lots of projects I have abandoned. Why not a book? 

To read a book I really didn’t love (maybe it was just following “The Night Circus” – tough act to follow) and find out there is another book and the story didn’t end??? 

UGH! Really……..I am not going to download the next book………probably.