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Passing On Pencils

4 Sep

I loved back to school shopping. The new pencils, crayons, pencil bags and back packs. All organized and ready to go for that first day. 

Let me make something clear however……I hated the school lists –
” buy 4 single subject wide ruled notebooks. ”  My eyes would glaze over finding the single subject vs 2 subject or the college ruled vs wide ruled., and that was before I hit 50 and had to have reading glasses. 

But when my kids all left for the ivory towers of higher learning I hated walking through the back to school section without that list. And it seemed as the notebooks and pens and pencil bags had become much cuter too and were mocking me as I had no list to fill.

I recently needed ink for my printer and hustled off to the office big box down the street. I saw all the signs and the cheerfully beckoning bins of back to school items and felt…….nothing. Zip. Not nostalgia, not relief, not anything. 

I guess at some point we do move on! Perhaps it followed a summer of driving 3 days with one son to deliver him to his summer internship half a country a way, or nursing a tonsil less young adult for many weeks. Maybe I’m just ready for the next chapter now. 

Today I opened a cabinet and saw staring back at me a thermos soup container – you know, one of those keep cold, keep warm with its own spoon or fork thing. My first thought was “that’s gotta go”  Off to Goodwill and may it be part of someone else’s lunch box. I do feel relief….no more dashing about making lunches I hope they will eat. WHEW! Yep I’ve moved on………