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Channeling Halle Berry

1 Mar

We just returned from attending my niece’s wedding in Florida.

It was an incredible trip and a welcome warm humid weekend. We were there just long enough for the wrinkles to plump out in the humidity. I love that part of humidity – it works better than botox. But my hair? In Colorado my hair is fairly straight. In humidity, my hair takes on a life of its own and begins to resemble Mufasa in The Lion King.

It isn’t about using product. I use lots of product. Within minutes of walking outside my hair begins to curl and frizz and I no longer need volumizing shampoo or product.

Still I had really shopped and considered exactly what to wear.For once, I didn’t have 3 kids to shop and pack for! Another upside to the empty nest!

At the rehearsal dinner I had this beautiful Sue Wong dress. It was a fitted black lace and beaded dress over a shimmering gold inner dress. It had a plunging neckline – and took me out of my comfort zone. I normally wouldn’t have even tried it on – but my neighbor who was shopping with me convinced me to try it on and then said – “You should buy it and wear it now – in a few years the girls will be too saggy to wear something like that” Seriously……she said it and I took it to heart. I had spent a lot of time trying to help my mother find something to wear to the wedding. At 87 she refuses to wear clothes she calls “old lady clothes” and I love that about her – still I thought my neighbor had a point.

I wore the dress and had a rare – “I look pretty dang good” moments. But as the dinner began to wind down, my mother leaned into me and asked “Are you wearing anything under that dress?” I said – “What do you mean? You do realize there is a gold dress lining the dress……right?” She said “I thought maybe you were channeling Halle Berry and that was you I was seeing through the dress.”

One the one hand I was speechless. On the other, I was kinda impressed that at 87 she knew who Halle Berry was.


Restoring Status Quo

17 Dec

There is dirty laundry piled into the laundry room, lights left on all over the house, an abandoned container of queso and a sweatshirt sitting on the kitchen counter.
All of this can only mean one thing……finals are finished and the kids are returning to the nest. I’m still counting down the hours until I pick up my daughter from the airport. (42 hours!) I’ll take the ensuing mess that will follow each arrival. I love a full nest.
It feels like Christmas. For me – having my kids home is incredible.
My daughter is in California, a son in Montana and one son is living at home for his senior year in college. He is looking at companies in NYC and London for internships. Being all together could be harder to make happen.
But rather than worry about that which I cannot control….I am enjoying this Christmas and my kids all being home. I’m sure I will annoy them and they will annoy me. The house will be a mess and I’ll be in the kitchen…when I’m not in the laundry room. Sounds like the best gift ever….

Christmas a few years back!

I’ve lost more than my point

12 Oct

While I was in Texas this past weekend, it rained. Really rained. In a state 88.5% is under a severe drought it was nothing short of a miracle. Two days before the rain arrived, my mother asked me to plant pansies in her atrium and mums and pansies in pots on her front porch.
How anything grows in her dirt (it definitely cannot be classified as soil) is amazing to me. West Texas dirt is alkaline and hard. Add no rain and it is like chipping into concrete. Where’s a man when I need one. I don’t often think I “need” one. But I have the upper body strength of a chicken…….or something with inferior upper body strength. Chickens don’t really fly a lot so I assume they lack the strength. But chickens are really plump and round so it probably would take a bit of strength to fly………..
But I digress…..as usual. But while I digress….. My cousin had a really nasty scrape on his leg. A couple days prior he was at a horse show with his daughter and that evening he was walking through a pasture and because of the drought the earth had such a crack in it, he actually stepped into the crack which went down about a foot. That is one baked state.
OK….I have totally forgotten my point. Is it the lack of estrogen? Perhaps there is a patch or pill I could take. Oh well – I chiseled and muscled my way through her “dirt” and amended it with “soil” and I’m thankful for the rain that perhaps will allow the pansies to grow. But I really don’t think that was my point. I’ll let you know if it returns…….