You know you are getting old when……..

1 Feb

Recently in a discussion with a group of moms we were talking about the “dial” phones we grew up with. You know the ones where you put your finger in the hole associated with the number, and slowly turned it counter clockwise, then released the dial.

It was horrible if you were in a hurry and the number had zeros or nines in the phone number. And, you could not sneak a phone call as the sound was loud and unmistakable. Plus it was connected by a cord to a base to a wall. No walking around the house yet alone hopping in a car and driving away never missing a beat.

So when I saw an ad to make your cellphone retro and insert it into an “retro” hand set I knew I had crossed over the hill. My first reaction was…”who would want this?” but then I fondly remember how it was easier to cradle the old phone receiver than my current phone. Flat and small may be cool looking but wow does it do a number on my neck. hmmmmmmm…….

Just remembered…..isn’t that why I have that blue tooth ear piece? So I don’t have to hold or cradle my cell phone? By the time I remember where that is….I’ll see it in an ad for a “retro” blue tooth.


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