A project I needed

10 Nov

I just returned from being with my daughter in California. The toughest part of this trip was really facing facts,
1. I was visiting her home.
2. She has her own very busy life
3. I served no purpose as she didn’t “need” me (with the exception of my credit card)
All of those combined made me feel as worthwhile as a jack a lantern the day after Halloween.
Ok, maybe not decaying and turning moldy, but nevertheless. I had driven out to Cali which meant I had to drive back to Colorado.That is a lot of time to think too much. Seriously amazing I didn’t just drive off all Thelma and Louise. I arrived home to an empty house. (but seriously – could my husband ever go through the mail and throw out the obviously junk mail?)
My oldest son called to see where I was. When I replied “home” he announced he was hungry and where was I taking him for lunch. Over lunch he was talking about a project due the following day and how he was unsure how to actually do the project.

My ears perked up as he talked about the project. OK – they didn’t but when you have 3 dogs – it seems like my ears could perk up.
It sounded like a project coming. So as the evening came on and he finally decided he could procrastinate no longer (well he could – but not if he expected me to help) He began to work on his poster boards for his video.
I kept asking why are you doing it this way? What are you trying to convey? The next thing I knew I was rummaging through the basement and bringing up a Barbie car and multiple Barbie dwellings. (Sometimes it pays not to get rid of crap. My daughter is 18 – why am I holding on to Barbie? *Sigh*)
We spent the evening creating a 3 minute movie for his project. And, I have to say we were laughing our asses off. I needed that dose of fun and most of all feel needed. The best part of the evening was having my 23 year old ask my opinion. I loved when we watched the finished movie and he said “OK do you think it is good? And not in a mom way where you think everything I do is good.”
Welcome home.


One Response to “A project I needed”

  1. Kristin West November 10, 2011 at 11:51 pm #

    Loved this!!! You are just so, so special!

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