Clean is not my hobby

26 Oct

One of the downfalls of your kids growing up is – I have time to clean and contemplate my own filth. Yes – my own filth. So I find myself cleaning everything. I found this great product you put in the disposal and it foams and cleans everything out of the inside of the disposal. Why does that make me happy?
I went to visit my daughter a few weeks ago as she was moving to a new apartment. I know she was busy and her roomies were busy too – but wow was it disgusting. I would always clean my apartment before my mom arrived. I didn’t want her to see that I had not changed from the messy teen that I had been! Normally I would describe my daughter as a neat and tidy person. This is the toddler who screamed until I would come in and pick up a (as in 1) stuffed animal that wasn’t in its proper place.
Her roommate announced “Well I knew you were coming and like to clean.” NOOOOO!!!! A person who likes to clean??? I don’t like to clean. What I like is a clean house. A neat, clean room makes me feel calm. After three kids I am entitled to a bit of clean and tidy and a whole lot of calm.
I am concerned however, as I find myself coveting products. I love the Oxy toilet bowl cleaner that foams purple and changes to white when it is clean. I want a steam mop. My neighbor had an electric mop – which worked fabulous. I bought one, but they changed it and mine doesn’t thrill me as much as hers did.
I used to call my mother the white tornado. Now at age 87, she doesn’t care about the piles of newspaper next to her chair or the stacks of books on her table. Is this my future? Now that I think about it, I clean her house too when I visit. Wow – I need a hobby……..or a steam mop.


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