Strange Sightings

25 Oct

Having just returned from California, I wanted to share some of the my favorite sightings.

1. Day 1 driving in Colorado on I-70 I saw a van traveling west through Denver with a surfboard on the roof rack. Not a lot of surfing in Colorado – it caught my attention. Day 2 on I-15 close to Los Angeles – I saw the van again! Only this time, the driver was shirtless. Only thing missing was “Beach or Bust”

2. At the agricultural check point in Yermo California, a van in my lane (not the one with the surfboard) was a couple cars in front of me. They apparently had lots of produce and were going to require a lengthy inspection. I wasn’t surprised I was in the bad lane – I always pick the check writing, coupon carrying, person arguing the price person lane at the grocery store. Cars began to merge into the other line and everyone was cooperating merging every other car – except the car that not only did not want me to merge but single finger saluted. Eventually I merged but couldn’t help think “Wow – I hope you have a flat tire, but not a blow out because while I question her ability to contribute to society, I don’t want to hurt anyone…..well, I do but not her anyway.” Driving down I-15, I passed the finger saluter on the shoulder stopped with flashers on. Karma?

3. Starbucks! Despite California’s sucky economy – everyone is addicted to Starbucks and I never seem to enter one without a line. The last one in Toluca Lake I visited had a long line. But it had such great eye entertainment I had to stay. One guy arrived by taxi apparently straight from the airport, bags and all. Into the busy Starbucks he managed to maneuver several rolling bags through the line. I would have parked the bags and stood in line – apparently I am more trusting than the man pulling multiple bags around tiny tables filled with people. There was the 30 something year old wearing gold glitter shoes and a vintage ripped mickey mouse shirt completed by a headband with small tiny mouse ears. (Not the big Disney Minnie ears) Or the large, very tall woman carrying a tiny backpack for a purse and never thought about taking her change and moving to the side as we all watched her organize her coins and bills and maneuver a tiny wallet into a tiny orange backpack. The process was so deliberate it fascinated all of us.

But then again, I joined in with friends to watch “Dr Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog” where we donned plastic horse heads on our fingers to sing “Bad Horse”. So perhaps we were the strange sighting?


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