What Were They Thinking

19 Oct

I just finished a solo drive from Denver to Los Angeles. The drive provides more than ample time to contemplate. A long part of the drive through Utah is void of houses, people, cars and animals. There are very few cattle, antelope and certainly no feral hogs trotted across my path.
I started thinking about the people who came before me. What made those people keep going.
They were made of much tougher material than I. I am flying at 80 miles an hour down a smooth highway in a climate controlled pod with satellite radio, Iphone (not a lot of service I noticed) and my Starbucks venti iced tea. When my butt gets tired I click on the seat warmer and move the seat position around.
I can’t imagine this crossing on a horse or on a wooden seat on a wagon wondering where the next water would be. And how slow would that be….and why would you keep going? There are sections of southern Utah that look like the moon – (not that I’ve been there) but it is solid rock for miles – a salt wash, canyons and canyons of rock. Why would you keep going?
If you sang at the top of your lungs any animals you hoped to shoot would flee and you might attract Indians – who would do a mercy kill for all within listening range.
How long would you have do go to get another iced tea or water – Oh yea – there wasn’t refrigeration.
No AAA if the wagon wheel snaps. I have CNN, FOX, hundreds of music channels and hundreds of songs on my IPhone. I can flip my navigation system on to find the next town and plan my stop.
There weren’t stops – there wasn’t anyone – they didn’t know what would be over the next pass. Why did they keep going?
They couldn’t check Facebook to see what their friends and family were doing. Couldn’t even mail a letter. When I stop for another Starbucks and some gas and to use a restroom. I check email and play Words with Friends.
I called my mom, my cousin, my friend Kristin, my daughter….
Come to think about it – I wouldn’t have liked this crossing 10 years ago either.

Driving Through Utah


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