I’ve lost more than my point

12 Oct

While I was in Texas this past weekend, it rained. Really rained. In a state 88.5% is under a severe drought it was nothing short of a miracle. Two days before the rain arrived, my mother asked me to plant pansies in her atrium and mums and pansies in pots on her front porch.
How anything grows in her dirt (it definitely cannot be classified as soil) is amazing to me. West Texas dirt is alkaline and hard. Add no rain and it is like chipping into concrete. Where’s a man when I need one. I don’t often think I “need” one. But I have the upper body strength of a chicken…….or something with inferior upper body strength. Chickens don’t really fly a lot so I assume they lack the strength. But chickens are really plump and round so it probably would take a bit of strength to fly………..
But I digress…..as usual. But while I digress….. My cousin had a really nasty scrape on his leg. A couple days prior he was at a horse show with his daughter and that evening he was walking through a pasture and because of the drought the earth had such a crack in it, he actually stepped into the crack which went down about a foot. That is one baked state.
OK….I have totally forgotten my point. Is it the lack of estrogen? Perhaps there is a patch or pill I could take. Oh well – I chiseled and muscled my way through her “dirt” and amended it with “soil” and I’m thankful for the rain that perhaps will allow the pansies to grow. But I really don’t think that was my point. I’ll let you know if it returns…….


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