Escaping to Begin

1 Oct

I love stories of women who are recreating themselves. I think when you reach 50 it takes courage to recreate yourself. At 50 we have become mothers and wives, some of us are grandmothers and some of us our single again. Each of these labels identifies us to ourselves and others. But what inspires me is when I hear about a woman who has completely chosen a new path. It is easy to stay on a path we are already traveling. It takes courage to choose a new path.
I saw a story on a 50 something woman who has recreated herself in a very brave and kind of crazy way. But I have to say I admired her on more than one level. She has become an escape artist. Seriously. She has chains and locks put all over herself and houdini’s her way out. She jumps in swimming pools and gets out of handcuffs and chains before her air runs out.
Apparently this has been a hobby of hers. I cook, garden, ski. She figures out how to escape chains wrapped over and over and over her body. She isn’t super fit or skinny and wears a swim suit or a wet suit. I love her even more for performing with her extra pounds. The hobby moved to a job when her husband lost his jobs. They started posting on Youtube and it has grown into a performance business. Good for her for having such courage. Perhaps at 50 we should put fears aside and seize the day. After all if we don’t do it today when will we?

Escape Artist


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