You Need Four For Fore

13 Sep

Who knew guys need friends just as women need friends? I know my husband likes to have a round of golf with a buddy. He is really kind of a golf slut – he will play a round with anyone. He will go to the golf course and pick up a round with whomever he can. He isn’t alone. Sometimes it will be my husband, myself and my oldest and a lone guy will be assigned to play with our group.

I hate when that happens, because I suck at golf. I don’t care that I hit 80 on the front nine. But I do hate to duff shot after shot in front of a stranger. He has no idea that I play golf once or twice a year. He has no idea, that while I cannot golf well, I am master of my own kitchen and can wield a mighty whisk. But I digress………..

This past weekend three of his favorite golf guys arrived from Texas. I’ve seen two of them off and on in the past decade since we moved from Texas. I haven’t seen the other at all. And, I certainly haven’t been around the foursome all together. What struck me the most was their camaraderie. They haven’t missed a beat. One of them informed me the apocalypse was near as evidenced by one of the others whose golf swing had immensely improved.
Women’s magazines consistently have articles on the importance of friends. Sex and The City was an incredibly successful multi media project centering around the lives on 4 women and their friendship. But I see now, men need friends too. A round of golf is their mani-pedi lunch and shopping day.

Which reminds me…… I need one of those days.

The Fierce Foreseome


One Response to “You Need Four For Fore”

  1. notquiteold September 13, 2011 at 6:54 pm #

    It’s seems to me that men’s friendships are different. More based on doing stuff side by side than “sharing”. But it’s still real, and they still love it.

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