The TV is making me fat

7 Sep

I have to stop watching The Food Network. I’ll admit – I’m kinda a Food Network junkie. I have my favorites. I love Giadia – but always wonder how the heck is she that little when she’s always cooking pasta?
I love Tyler Florence and The Great Food Truck. Living in LA with my daughter for 18 months got be started on following and eating from the vast variety of food trucks in the LA area. Who can resist stopping at a truck called “Great Balls on Tires” They had incredible meatball sliders. The grilled cheese truck! And my favorite – Koji truck – they had Korean tacos.
Cupcake wars hit my creative side. Who would think of some of the flavors they come up with? I don’t cook under a stopwatch. Chopped also hits my creative side. I love when they open that basket. It makes me feel better when even these amazing chefs don’t know what the heck that weird fruit is or if it is a fruit. On one episode the chef kept getting ingredients he was allergic to. How do you become a chef if you can’t taste eggplant without anaphylactic reaction? But the best for me is the weird ingredients like trail mix, licorice or marshmallows shows up.
But…..I’m trying to lose 7 pounds. And I’ve noticed, the more I watch these shows, the more I think about food. Ask my husband and son… many versions of a grilled shrimp sandwich did they have to eat? I wanted the perfect crunch, the perfect heat from peppers. The shows inspire me to close the cookbook and strike out a new path. But the path is leading to my middle section!!!
Maybe I’ll look for a fitness channel………….

Grilled Shrimp Sandwich

Grilled Shrimp Sandwich


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