Neigh to this trend

23 Aug

So, I am always trying to solve my lack of ability to “live in the moment”. I am always trying to stop the ADD train my brain seems to be riding. Well, in Health magazine this month I noticed a little yoga blurb.
I wish I could focus on Yoga for the full hour, but I admit sometimes during my downward dog – my mind wanders. It is on the next thing I need to do, it is what I am cooking for dinner, why did I say that to so and so, why didn’t I think to say such and such. Oh – and if I start thinking about my kids – all bets are off and sometimes I am completely not mindful and everyone is in a warrior pose as I am still in a plank.
Back to the Health magazine…….this month I saw an article about a NYC Yoga instructor who has found doing Yoga on a horse allows one to be mindful of their Yoga……..yes really. I bet it does. How could one be anything but mindful while doing Yoga on a horse? I would love to improve my yoga practice too but on a horse??
I have visions of me being on the horse as he decides to head to the barn. I would hope I was in a downward dog – because there could be a chance of me at least grabbing on to the neck of the horse if it decided to wander off to the oat bucket. And if we have to pick a horse – on the one hand a Shetland pony would be close to the ground, but a Clydesdale would have a really big back. I cannot begin to envision how this would work. But he has one thing right – I would be mindful.
I hope this isn’t a trend that catches on. I am hoping PETA says horses don’t like being Yoga mats before it takes off.


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