Do over at 50?

22 Aug

What age is too old to start over? Not a do over – just a start. Talking to a friend whose husband has decided it is easy to toss aside 25 years together, and she has been a stay at home mom for the past 14 years.
It is difficult to think of being in her shoes. Financially, there won’t be anything for her to rest upon. It was apparently difficult to focus on his business while pursuing the 20 something year old who truly understands him?
So what does a 50 year old woman do at that point in her life. She feels cast aside and of little value. It is hard for her to see the value I see in her. She is smart, organized, driven, and clearly very strong. But she is right, it is going to be difficult to get hired.
She isn’t the only one facing these kinds of prospects. Others need to pay for college, pay down debt accumulated while raising children. She is trying to create a business for herself. I have no doubt she can be successful. The hardest part is knowing how isolated and alone she feels. Her only child is a typical 17 year old boy – and he would rather be with a dad who isn’t “making him” be all that he can be.
We don’t live in the same town or state. She isn’t my only friend to endure this; however we are now 50 not mid 30’s. It is easy to ignore people like her. She is going to be single. It is sometimes hard to integrate single friends into our social lives. But I hope someone does.


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