Wings are spreading

18 Aug

Today is the last day for many of my friends before they begin the empty nest chapter. I had to reread my earliest blogs to remember how that felt. Lousy.

On the one hand, the about to enter college kid is obnoxious to have around the summer before and you are ready for them to be out of the house. On the other hand, you still can still see your young baby and it is terrifying to let them go.
Will they remember the advice you have given them over the years? Will they hold on to the values you have tried to pass down? Or will they strike out in an all together frightening path.
After watching this journey over the years with my own and their friends, I realize you do have to let them fly. We learn from our mistakes. We hope our children don’t make mistakes that cannot be undone, but truly they are choosing their paths now. No matter what we instill in them – they have choices to make, paths to take.

So on this eve of so many of my friends who are struggling, it does get better for you. We wanted our children to fly from the nest. We gave them strength to stand on their own.
Congratulations – as painful as it is – you succeeded. No – it isn’t the same when they come home to visit. But in some ways it is wonderful. My kids express appreciation for what we have sacrificed to give them. It’s time for those of us who remain behind in the nest to find new chapters. And, believe me – they will be so excited to see you on parent’s weekend!


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