Hello Karma….it’s me!

18 Aug

Not sure what my karma is telling me. Every morning, I open the back door to let in fresh cool air and let out 3 rambunctious labs. Today, the dogs burst out the door chasing a rabbit or a squirrel, no doubt. The chocolate lab trotted back after his daily bark as if nothing was the matter. In the flurry of feet I noticed he was depositing bright red footprints. He had sliced the pad of one paw open.

I tried to compress it, but on closer examination knew a vet visit was in order. He received a few staples to keep it closed and a stiff splint to aid in keeping the pad closed. And, while he was at the vet, I looked through the backyard and found some exposed edging that probably was the culprit. When I was out of town this summer, I had asked my boys to cut back the junipers in that bed. (I hate junipers – I believe in Dante’s hell is hedges of junipers – but I digress) My husband decided to just remove some of them. In doing so, the metal edging became exposed. I have now made the hardware store run and it now is capped with a protective plastic edge. Poor dog! I feel guilt having been negligent to cover that.

Meanwhile, my tree guy stopped by to look at a birch that wasn’t budding out well. Denver received such little snow this winter and all winter my husband and I argued over watering. I said we needed to water – he said “NO – ridiculous” The birch was diagnosed as dying – lack of water over the winter. I have not texted him to gloat – I know who was right. Right?

And, my husband’s handle set on his sink – started leaking today. (perhaps the water is mocking him in solidarity with me) Aside from the tree and looking at poor Hank and the leaky handle – next Tuesday the dog’s health insurance would expire and I was debating renewal and the home warranty policy would expire and I was debating its renewal also. Karma is scaring the crap out of me – I renewed both !

Hank - glad to be home!


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