Mirrors, mess and more…..

17 Aug

When your day starts with your son waking you to say “The bathroom mirror fell off the wall” my first thought is “well it can’t get any worse”.  As a mom of a 23 year old, I have 23 years of experience that says “Oh yes it can.”
The mirror had fallen off indeed. Apparently when the wall mirror above the sink was installed, instead of using mirror glue to adhere it to the drywall, or clips, the installer chose to use poster strips. You know……the ones you use for your kids room not to damage the wall.  Seriously?
But not to be outdone for attention, as I went to the garage to find a broom and dustpan, I discovered one of the dogs had left me a gift on the laundry room floor.  Actually several fragrant gifts were there.  Just one of those days, I suppose. My son contributed “Maybe when the mirror crashed it scared the crap out of them?” Yes, look for humor wherever we can find it.

As they day has gone on, I replaced the mirror with a framed one which looks better than the one that shattered. And, the laundry floor was mopped clean.  The upside?  Both boys were also awake. Shattering glass will do that. And, they both asked to go out for lunch. At the restaurant they debated career choices and opportunities and passion vs income.  It was great to be on the side listening to their discussions. I didn’t want to be the lecturer, so I just listened as they had a good discussion going.

Sometimes I get frustrated with them thinking “are they ever going to get off the computers!” but clearly they are thinking about their futures.  I’ll take the shattered mirror and appreciate the time with my boys.  I know how few there will be as they graduate and begin careers. They will graduate won’t they?

The day the brothers met!

The day the brothers met!


One Response to “Mirrors, mess and more…..”

  1. Iamhear August 17, 2011 at 12:40 am #

    Thank you for the laugh I had, reading the first part of this post, and thank you for sharing the tender feelings mothers have when we watch our children “fly”. I smile reading about THE MAN. Because mine must work so far away from home, I often forget, in my dreamy ways of missing of him, what having him home IS REALLY LIKE… LOL!

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