On Your Mark…….Get Set…..Start

13 Aug

I’ve finally started putting the vintage website together. Yay!! Clutter is my motivator. I’ve got way too much stuff which I have been collecting for the site and now that my oldest has moved all of his apartment home, something has got to go!!

It is amazing how long I have been contemplating the site, yet not taking the time to just do it.  Yes – just do it.  Tired catch phrase I know. But sometimes you do just have to do it – no matter what the “it” is.

When it comes to organizing, starting a monumental project – starting a new project – you just have to take a step. If it is reorganizing a kitchen – start with a drawer. I think projects can be overwhelming when we think about what it is going to really involve. My mom had a storage unit full of stuff. She couldn’t even recall what was in the storage unit. I told her I would tackle the contents. She really didn’t want me to do it – the thought of having to make decisions and deal with everything was overwhelming. But I did it but filling my car  – and dealing with it car load by car load.  We didn’t stand in the middle of the unit and try to deal with it all at once.  And can I just say it????? You were paying storage fees for old wrapping paper ? ( Ok there were some gems but overall….)

Thinking about all the decisions with the website has been overwhelming. So I am diving in and going. The site itself doesn’t look the way I want – but I think the overall concept will arrive as I catalog, inventory, photograph and just start.  So I have. YAY!

Vintage Vest

Vintage Vest


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