Mirror, mirror on the wall…..

12 Aug

I have discovered it is so much easier to look at the actions of others…..and think “idiot”.  I can see the errors of my own kids and their crazy friends.  In fact many times I am sure I could solve all the worlds’ problems – if they would just listen to me!!!!!!

OK – perhaps not the world – but at least some of the small stuff. At 50, I have learned a few things. And one of the things I have learned is……look in the mirror.  I am taking inventory and trying to look at my own faults, habits and hoping to self improve.  Some of my friends reading this…..I know they are thinking but you are perfect.  (OK – in my mind only!) But what does it hurt to reexamine ourselves.  There are always little things we can do to be a better person, wife, mother, friend or general citizen of the world.

We can’t change everything at once, but small changes can help. For myself……shutting the television off. I don’t sit and watch, but I turn it on as a background. Two things wrong with that……..waste of electricity………it pulls my attention away from other things.

Sometimes we get caught up in life and need to take a step back. We need to learn to let go of what we cannot control. I cannot control what others think or do. I can only control my reactions and actions.  An empty nest is the perfect time to take the time to self examine and inventory.

I cast a few stones yesterday. I still believe this person wasn’t thinking  beyond what they wanted at that moment and not looking how it impacted others.  I still believe this person holds incredible potential to be successful in business and life.  It frustrates me to see them always putting something in their own way.  “I couldn’t do……..because….” Every sentence he says begins this way when I ask “How is it going?”  So I am looking at myself. What do I do – which prevents myself from being whom I want to be…..or succeeding in a way I desire?  There is no age limit to learning.


If I'm going to reflect....do it in style


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