Cobblestones in the path.

11 Aug

An empty nest is a tough transition.  A strong marriage, good friends, are tools that help the transition to the new phase in life. Lately,  I have been talking to a couple friends, whose transition is absolutely tougher.  One’s son unexpectedly decided to live with dad, and told his mother it was better for him not to live with her.  The other will be moving when her oldest turns 18(in a few months) to be near her younger son who has been living with her ex-husband in another state.  With both of their transitions a lack of direction or career is an evident roadblock.  (and soon to be a lack of child support)

Neither have a plan and really don’t seem to be making a plan anytime soon. Financially, they have to get a plan together.  Apparently they both attended the Scarlett O’Hara School of planning and are going to think about it another day.

It is hard when you are entering the big “5-0” decade,  hot flashes are brightening the day  to think about starting a career  or a new path.  But both friends seem to avoid the obvious.  I saw this website today:

It is for women making transitions and helping them make the transition.  I think I will email the site to them. Maybe it will trigger at least an interest in making plan. Or maybe they will act like my kids – roll the eyes and ignore me. If they do that – no biggie – I’m used to it!!

For a stay at home parent – it is hard to transfer all the planning advice we have given to our kids to ourselves.  But the short term, long term goal setting has to become part of the plan to make the transition.  What companies are good for hiring women who have been stay at home parents?  How do I help?


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