It is always something!

9 Aug

The sprinkler system died on Sunday. OK – it didn’t die but it’s spleen ruptured. So a $650 surgery is required to get it back on its feet. Wow! Well, Obama care doesn’t cover sprinkler systems and since I really like my grass to be green in the summer and I treasure all the trees and shrubs and flowers I will cough up $650.

My husband’s response to the diagnosis – “S@^!t! It is always something” And, yes it does seem like there is always something to repair. One step forward followed by one step back. But we have to put things in perspective and count blessings.

It is only the sprinkler’s spleen. I have been through a child losing a spleen. It is much more traumatic and much more expensive. He lacerated his spleen at a Boy Scout Camp. We received that call no parent wants. “Your child is conscious but being airlifted to a hospital” A couple days in ICU and he stopped bleeding internally and seemed like he would keep his spleen. A year later – a cyst had emerged where he had injured the spleen and adhered to his stomach wall. The spleen was huge – much like a giant sea slug in his belly.

The Da Vinci robot was enlisted to remove his spleen. And today, he is a happy healthy albeit sometimes annoying college student. He plays way too many video games and cares too little about his future. His dad is right…….It is always something.


Care free and enjoying a sprinkler

I’ll take the sprinkler system over an injured loved one. Of course why does it always occur on the same month college tuitions are due? What is it about cosmic karma that seems to make these bills collide?


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