A Friend in need………

8 Aug

stylin' friends

Lately I found the importance of friendship at the center of my attention. It seems more a “girl” thing than a “guy” thing. Or is it? Perhaps it isn’t more important to one sex or the other, but that women’s friendships are just different.

This past week I had a friend that truly needed some emotional support. Her family had failed her. She has one child, a teenage boy and a husband whom has long abandoned the vows of marriage. She kept saying “I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t…….” My response was “that is what friends are for”.  And I meant that – I wasn’t doing anything more than what a friend should do.

During that crisis, I was trying to figure out how to help my friend, but I also had a flight back home to catch. I called another friend to change my flight. My first words to her were “Hey I need a favor.” Her response was “OK, just tell me what you need.”  That is a friend. She didn’t wait to hear what I needed or to see if it would fit her schedule. She was ready to jump in to help me.  And she has always been that way.

I returned home late on Thursday evening. The next morning I remembered it was another friend’s birthday. She had commented on Facebook that she and her daughter were up in Breckenridge but her husband and sons were working. I looked at the stacks on my desk, and the pile of laundry. I had been gone a week and had a lot to do. So I called her and asked would they like to go to lunch. My husband actually said “Go!” I am so glad I did.

Friends are important while we raise our children. Most of us do not live in multigenerational households. Most of us don’t even live in the same cities as our parents. Friends are important sources of support through all phases of our life. As my life becomes less occupied with my children’s lives, I think they are even more important.  For my kids, it is their social network and source of fun. For my mother, friends are her way of staying connected with the world.

My lunch turned in to a 24 hour laughter session. Yep – 24 hours. And, we still have lots more to talk about! Indeed I am blessed with wonderful friends.  Occasionally I think we have to look at friendships and weed the garden. I look at who I really love to talk to and be with and those women are strong, positive women.

It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.
Ralph Waldo Emerson 


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