A real feathering of a nest!

23 Jul

I noticed a bird flying in and out of a small spruce tree near my back door. I didn’t pay much attention to the bird. I kept seeing the bird everyday as I watered my pots of tomatoes, basil and mint. I saw it was a pair of robins. I mentioned the nest building to my husband. He said to look and if they were building a nest to knock it out as the tree is right by the back door.

I said absolutely not. There could be eggs. It spoke to my maternal side. But I forgot about the birds and about the nest. Then one day last week I noticed the bird and the nest. They had built a nest right where I could see it from my kitchen window. I can’t see it from any other vantage point outside. And, not only was it a nest, but it was a home for two brand new babies.

Their tiny heads barely popping up with enormously wide beaks as the mother robin fed them. It has been my personal joy every day all throughout the day to watch their progress. I tried to see if I could snag a photo without disrupting their happy household. But to no avail was that to become. I don’t really mind that I cannot document their progress. I am truly enjoying seeing the feathers sprout day by day.

Both mom and dad are extraordinarily vigilant. I have to admit even I have been on the watch for any predatory magpies or crows. When they aren’t feeding the two demanding infants they are trading off foraging for more worms or berries or keeping them safe. They were wise when they chose their building site. It is protected from many elements being so close to my house. It is so nested into the crook of the spruce it is shady, and hidden.

I feel like this is a gift that has been given to me. I am constantly dragging my sons and my husband to watch them. Today as I see the babies pushing more and more upward and the feathers growing I know these parents will have an empty nest soon. I wonder if Robins mourn that moment or rejoice or like me celebrate and mourn all at the same time. I am thankful for the gift of being able to watch their nest.


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