“Mr. Watson-Come here-I want to see you”

3 May

In 1924, Calvin Coolidge delivered the first radio address by a President from the White House. IBM was founded in 1924.  Technology has leaped in ways that could not be imagined in 1924.  Coincidentally my mother was born in 1924.  While technology has raced to develop; apparently my brother has decided it should not bypass her home.

His intentions would be admired if he lived close enough to tutor her in the effort to download or read an electronic book.  She is in Texas and he is in Florida.  For her birthday this year he sent her a Kindle. Fortunately for him, I was visiting her upon its arrival.  It went something like this……. “Wow. A kindle. Hmmmm how do I read on it?”  I charged its battery. I created her Amazon account, I registered her Kindle. All the while explaining what I was doing. What her user name is, what her password was, how she didn’t need to log into Amazon, just browse the vast books available on her Kindle, and use the arrows to highlight “Buy this book”.

“I need to call Amazon, my Kindle is broken”  Really? Why do you think its broken. “Well it lost my book, I don’t want to buy it twice.”  Over the phone from my home in Colorado, I ask her to hit a series of buttons. “Oh…. there it is. Ok thanks”

“I want to buy a book, how do I do that?” I guide her with the same patience I extended to my kids when they were little.

“I don’t see it.”

“Did you press the center square button when the ‘buy’ was highlighted?” “Well, I thought I did.”

I log on to her Amazon account – thankfully I remembered her user name and password.  I look through the purchases.  It isn’t there.  I quickly find the book and send it to her Kindle in Texas from my computer in Colorado.  I love technology.

“It should be there now”

“I don’t see it. How did you send it? Do I need to hook it up to my computer?”

“No mom, lets check and see if your wifi is turned on the Kindle.”

After a few tries, she finds it. “Ok, thanks”

I realized today I forgot to have her turn off the wifi and her battery will drain faster. I will have to walk her through that one too.

Mother’s Day is this weekend. My brother sent her a laptop.  I think moving files from her dinosaur desk top and installing a wireless router are beyond the phone. I believe I will be traveling to Texas.

Wonder what he is sending her for Christmas?


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