A friendly note……

19 Apr

I have been gone…… I went to L.A. to celebrate my daughter’s 18th birthday. 18 years flew so fast. All of my kids are “adults”. Of course none are independent. The oldest two are in college and the youngest is pursuing acting. It takes a mighty tole on the bank account.

From L.A. I went to Vegas. Vegas is an odd place. People walk around in the middle of the day with drink containers 4′ tall which sometimes hang from their neck. I guess this helps when you have consumed too much to be able to hold something in your hand. I even saw plastic guitars (size of a real guitar) sporting straws which delivered the sweet sticky fruity drink. There are people standing on corners trying to hand out pictures of naked women to attract customers to their place of business. They kept trying to hand me these cards. My thought? Do I look like someone interested in a naked picture of a woman? Really?

We were there for my husband’s company meeting. I go because one of my oldest, dearest friends also comes.  She lives in Texas, and we rarely see each other. I love how it never feels as if we have moved away. It doesn’t feel as if we rarely see each other.  I worry I don’t have enough friends. When I moved to Colorado, my kids were already edging towards middle school and high school. It is harder to make those relationships.  I worry about this when I talk with my mother. She mentioned one of her friends is slowing down.  Another has moved to a nursing home. She didn’t want to move to the nursing home but her children bullied her into one. At age 86, my mother has buried a lot of friends.  My dad has passed away and she and I live in different states. She gets lonely.

It is sad when a friendship ends. Recently a friend and I had a falling out. We will never be the friends we were – but in hindsight we weren’t the friends I perceived us to be either.  And, yet I still feel that loss.  I had to laugh though as this person blocked me from their Facebook news feed.  They have since unblocked me, but defriended others.  Sometimes I think Facebook has allowed us all to return to middle school.  We can block people, hurt people, defriend people, but without ever really talking to the person. I wonder how this will affect society in the future. Will we completely quit talking person to person? Just type a message. I remember when I was in elementary school and we passed notes. I also remember the humiliation if the person you said something bad about found out about the note.  I can still feel the remorse over the note.  Sorry Patty!

I am thankful for my friends. While my friendships are few, they are incredible and I am grateful to these women that have allowed me in their lives, that support me when I am down and laugh until we are on the floor. As my kids become independent I am even more blessed by these friendships.


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