Challenges and scraped knees

18 Mar

View at lunch, Day 1

This past weekend, I went to Moab Utah with my husband and one of his friends to the Skinny Tire Festival. The event raises money for several different cancer organizations. It started out as a Lance Armstrong Livestrong event but has grown to encompass other organizations including helping build a cancer center in Moab.

I really did not want to go – I am not a type A personality. Both my husband and his friend are total type A’s. I hadn’t trained on the bike. I’ve been doing spinning classes – which are great – but not the real deal. I tried not to go – but my husband wasn’t hearing me. His friend’s wife had already bailed.  I didn’t want to go for several reasons. I didn’t think I could physically do the ride. I dislike failing – if I don’t try, I can’t fail. Right? I didn’t want to ride in a car for 6 hours with his friend. I like his friend. But my husband only speaks if he has something to say. Trust me – over 6 hours he will have little to say. He doesn’t hold conversations. I dislike awkward silence. I will have to babble (and babble I did – wow)

But I will say – I faced a lot of fears and came out……well……alive.  Day 1 started out with one of the harder rides. Elevation gains of 2700 feet with 8% grades. All was going relatively well – I was almost half way there – lunch was ahead……until my back tire blew! When it went pop – (a nasty goat head thorn) my reaction was “I need to stop so I don’t damage my wheel!”.  While my assessment was correct, I couldn’t get my cycling shoe to unclip in time.  ( note to self……try out equipment prior to using equipement….) so down I landed scrapping the knee and gashing my pride. My husband and his friend were way in front of me so I pulled out my phone just in case their was service. There was!! I texted “flat” He was fairly prompt in replying “coming”.  But my knight in shining armor was a wonderful guy from Uranium Bike Shop in Moab.   He stopped and changed my tube in just a few minutes.  My knee looked totally awful – blood everywhere. It really wasn’t more than a bit of a scrape, but it garnered me a lot of attention. If only I was someone who liked attention.

But it was worth all the challenge, the fears, the scrapes.  At the half way point was the most incredible view.  God was having a fine day when he created Moab. Red layers of rock curving around in ribbons with the Colorado river at the bottom. It inspired me to ride Day 2. Day 2 was supposed to be easier – shorter hills. Was no one noticing the hills were shorter but steeper? Hello!!!! Wow – the last 4 miles back to Moab – I almost wanted to cry my seat hurt so bad. (note to self…..try out equipment prior to using equipment… a girl seat)

Day 3 – my ass and my shoulders said absolutely not. So off went the guys and I casually drove up through Arches. With only a minor bit of regret for not riding.

I thought a lot about a lot while riding the 100 miles I did ride. (my IPOD battery doesn’t last that long!)

I stop myself a lot with fear of failure. There were people a lot older and much heavier than I biking away. There was a man with only one leg biking every day. I was younger, fitter, thinner, and have both legs. Maybe I need to think less and just do. Instead of considering failure, work to succeed.


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