Bike Ride To No where

10 Feb

At age 49, I find it very important to work out. I notice if I skip more than a day or two. But what I wonder is how intense does it need to be. I suppose that would depend on one’s goals. My goal before I go to the gym is: “to really be fit and toned” My goal once I am at the gym “to survive the hour”

I have been going to spin classes off and on for a couple years. This fall I started going at least 3 days a week. I know it sounds about as stimulating as watching paint dry, but depending on the instructors’ play list (and if they have video) an hour is doable. And, because I have been going – I am in my comfort zone – I have the shoes, I know how to adjust the bike just right.

How good or less boring a class is – is very dependent on the instructor. My husband’s favorite instructor is of course – not my favorite. I don’t like his music. Is it a guy vs girl thing? Really – I hate “Ballroom Blitz” ! It doesn’t inspire me to workout. It does inspire me to bash the instructor with his ipod. I don’t of course! I am locked into my pedals and it would take way too much effort.

I go to his classes anyway, but I find I watch the clock…….ALOT. But I try to avoid one particular instructor. She is gorgeous. But that isn’t why I avoid her. Her gluts? I can tell without doing a Helen Keller – they are buns of steels. She is this tiny bundle of strength and muscle. And she rides so hard she is breathing hard as tells us to turn up the resistance another 1/2 turn over and over. She kills me.

I forgot to check the schedule last week. By the end of the class, I was very focused……on not throwing up. I vowed never to take her class again. I guess my short term memory needs a check up. There I am – snapped in and warming up this afternoon…….and in she walks. She does play great music. No Ballroom Blitz on her play list.

At one time in my life, working out was to look good. Now at 49 – and watching my 86 year old mother slowing down – it is more preventative. I want to enjoy life and be able to participate in life. All the kids are out of the house – there are no excuses. I don’t want to do a marathon but at today’s class the instructor did say – “If all you are doing is spin classes a couple of times a week – you aren’t improving – you aren’t benefiting – You need to change it up” So my new goal is just that – try new things – new classes. I’m up for it……as long as Ballroom Blitz isn’t on the Yoga playlist.
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