New Year – old thoughts

1 Jan

1-1-11 Love it!  I like a beginning………a fresh notebook…..a brand new box of crayons.  When I buy a hardback book, which is a rare moment since receiving a Kindle last Christmas, I always go to the back of the stack. I love the first time a new book opens. I love looking at crayons the first time the box is opened, all the uniform points, all the colors arranged in a rainbow. 

New Year, new thoughts. I have lots of resolutions this year. I have never been big on the resolution idea. Shouldn’t everyday be a new start? And everyday is a new beginning, but somehow this year has grabbed me. Is it the 1.1.11 ? Or just last year was a really trying mixed bag and I am glad to see the door shut on 2010.

I have hopes for this year. I woke up today feeling hopeful and excited.  I hope that positive feeling stays with me for the year.  A couple days ago my daughter and I went to a Power Yoga class. I have been doing power yoga for the past several months.  This was at our gym.  It was also “hot” yoga or Bikram.  That was new to me. I usually go to the recreation center for my yoga class. It is taught by a tattooed guy named “Bird”. He tends to play Jackson Brown and Sheryl Crow rather than the expected spiritual music most yogis play. I like that about him.  I prefer his class over the class at my private gym. But my daughter had suggested the class, so I decided to go.  I still prefer Bird’s method and routine.  But one thing this instructor kept saying, was “What are you bringing to your practice today?” “What do you want in this next year?” “Focus on what you want and bring that to your mind, and body in your practice.”  I usually dismiss these kinds of prompts.  I love the flow Power Yoga has. I love the dance of high plank, to an up dog to a downward dog. But I did think about what I wanted to bring this year. I want energy. I want to bring an energy to everything I do in life.  I kept thinking “positive energy”. And I have felt that, since the class.

I went to a spinning class yesterday. I always feel fairly anonymous in my class. I don’t know anyone really at the gym.  I focused on the ride and as always s trying to push through. I have a fear of failing and not being able to finish. I find that thought amusing . How does one fail on a stationary bike? Seriously – it isn’t like someone is going to pass me. But the class is hard.  As the class finally went in to a recovery mode after an hour, I was thinking how I need to push harder in the next class. During the hour I kept reminding myself to build strength, stay positive.  The woman on the bike next to me at the end of class, said “wow you ride amazing.” I had to say “excuse me?” She replied, “I was trying to match you and I couldn’t keep up.” Positive thinking is amazing………..

I am excited about the year. I believe it will be a great year. I hope like a box of crayons to remember even when the colors get out of order and the tips are worn they still work, they still create limitless pictures…….and are a lot of fun – inside and outside the lines !


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