Christmas thoughts

6 Dec

Christmas with the Kranks is on the television. The Krank’s daughter isn’t going to be home for Christmas because she joined the peace corp. The Kranks decide instead of staying home without their daughter, they are going to take a cruise.  If you have seen the movie – you know the daughter comes home at the last minute and there is a frenzy of trying to recapture the Christmas their daughter has always known.

Putting a Christmas tree up and decorating the house definitely loses something when all the kids are gone.  There is a why bother feel about it. My kids are all coming home for Christmas…..this year. But it made me think; while the movie goes to the absurd (it wouldn’t have been a comedy without going to the absurd) why not? I think it is a great idea to go on a trip. Maybe I couldn’t skip Christmas all together, but a trip seems like a much better prospect that being home without kids. I dread the Christmas the kids don’t come home and my husband is on call.  I know there are people who are alone on the holidays and they manage. But it does give me a bit more thought and feeling about those that are alone on the holiday. When the kids were little and we stayed up late, late putting together tricycles and barbie villages I couldn’t see an end – when sugarplum fairies wouldn’t dance in their heads.  Life does evolve. Time to approach new traditions and be thankful for wonderful memories of Christmas past and to dream of a warm cruise during a cold winter when no one comes home to the nest. Maybe Luther Krank has something……..


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