These are tips???

9 Jan

Tips to ease empty-nest syndrome

At the same time as being sensitive to your child’s needs, you need some help and support for your feelings.

Lean on your friends. Maybe some of them are going through the same thing or have already gone through it.

Be kind to yourself and think of some treats – for example, you could have a long lie in a scented bath. You may even come to see that although you’ve lost a teenager, you’ve gained a bathroom!

Then you can do some practical things to help you feel better:

  • buy some credit for your son’s or daughter’s mobile phone or a voucher to help with book costs
  • try to agree a time once a week when you can both have a good natter to each other on the phone
  • email some funny snippets of what’s happening at home.

Leave it to the British to provide some humor in all matters!  I love the idea of a good natter! What the hell is a good natter?  Whatever it is, I want one. A good one.  I have to start using that phrase. “Let’s make a time to have a good natter.” My kids will howl with laughter and then call their dad to check me into some sort of facility.  Of course if they do that, hopefully it is a nice facility, one with an ocean view and a hot male masseuse.  But I digress……

Funny snippets?  The kids were the source of all humor!!! My husband is not humorous.  The dogs are not humorous, well at least not to me or the bunnies in the yard.  The only remotely funny snippet I can offer, is my husband’s method of containing the dogs in the mud room and laundry room area. If they are alone in the house, they find mischief of the chewing kind. Contained they are completely well mannered. Picture this at the end of the hall, just past the guest bath.  A child gate braced tightly against the walls with the kids footlockers from years of summer camp stacked on their ends. It looks like we are barring the huns from entering the gates. It does work. We have a lab that spends any time in lock down looking for a weak link in the chain. And occasionally he figures out how to outmaneuver the foot lockers. But so far I would say – husband 1  dogs 0.

1. Still exercising  2. Still trying to find a purpose.  3. Cleaning out closets like a mad woman.


2 Responses to “These are tips???”

  1. idriveskj January 10, 2010 at 1:59 am #

    LOL! I was wondering when you started saying natter! and who the heck do they think pays for the books and cell phones?? Good job! You are an excellent writer! Why didn’t I know this about you? Can’t wait for you to come help me!!

    • refeatheringthenest January 10, 2010 at 2:17 am #

      Yes, well, when I arrive in California we shall have to get together for a good natter. Is natter always a noun? Or can one natter?

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